Our Caller

Don Hart

“You can’t fight your passion." This philosophy motivates Oaky Doaks caller Don Hart in his goal of helping square dance grow in the Portland area. Don regards square dancing as ‘Fun Set to Music’ and, from his own experience, believes in the health benefits of participating, that moving to the beat cures the soul.


A long-time dancer, Don started calling in 1989 in Santa Paula, CA. He moved to Oregon to be near his 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. After the passing of his first wife, he married Ilya and lives in Canby.


Don likes to spend time woodworking, building model ships and award-winning string instruments. He also enjoys restoring cars, including a 1925 Buick and a 1989 Jeep. Working to perfect his square dance choreography is another favorite activity. He brings a love of calling and dancing, a large collection of music and a great sense of humor to the dance floor.

Special note: 'Dapper Don' usually wears one of his collection of 50 beautiful designer bolo ties when he calls! 

Don Hart



Our Cuers

Julie  Stiers

is a member of Oregon Round Dance Teacher Association and Roundalab.  She graduated from Mainstream square dance lessons in 2008 and has been cueing since 2013, mainly at the square dance level (Phase II & III Waltzes, Two-Step, Cha Cha and Rumba).  She enjoys working with the various music rhythms and watching people having fun on the dance floor.  She takes pride in being complimented by dancers on her clear voice and excellent timing.  Julie keeps busy with her full-time "day" job as an Operations Manager/Financial Advisor at a Financial Planning firm in Lake Oswego.  In her "spare" time she likes to quilt and tries to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. 

Sherri Clark

January 1990, my life changed. My cousins invited me and my daughters to start square dance and round dance lessons.  I really wanted to decline, but once we attended our first lesson, we were hooked. I started my cueing journey about 1995.  Then I left dancing for a decade and cueing for almost two decades.  I started dancing, again in 2010 and cueing 2018. I so dearly love the activity, and more so, the fellowship. My journey is promoting square and round dancing, and encouraging folks to try cueing.  My other joys: road trips, sewing, hiking, loving on my four amazing grand kids (4, 13, 15, 17) and my three happy grand dogs: Jaeger, Coco, and Ginger. 

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